21 Apr 2015


Well, well, well.....

We went to Margo's in Mistra Bay the other day.

Amazing panoramic and ambiance.

The menu is full of fun descriptions and the pizza tastes amazing.

One pizza in particular caught our eyes: The Poor Man's Pizza

Here is the description:

'Not the full Monty, but half way there. A white pizza with White Truffle shavings (we endeavor to get our white truffles certified, tested and delivered within 8 hours of being unearthed, from Alba in Piamonte), copious, rich, fresh organizing buffalo mozzarella and topped with 24 carat gold leaf. This Pizza is served with a special beer prepared for us by Farsons - a gold dust lager. Only 200 bottles were made for us. Each bottle is band filled and laced. '

'We created this pizza not to be in he Guineas Book of Records for having the Most Expensive Pizza in the world. That's boring. We did this as a protest; a protest against bad pizza, chemicals in food and the consistent and flagrant disregard to our health by food producers. Not that we are angry; we just want you to support our campaign for honest, natural healthy food without chemicals and other poisons. The gold is the cheep part.'

Price starting:1.800 euro.

Website: http://margosmalta.com/

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